Dainty Orchid



Delicate bracelet silver Daint Orchid

  • 3x2mm faceted Rose Quartz roundel gemstones
  • 2.5mm faceted Rose Quartz gemstones
  • 2mm faceted Rose Quartz gemstones
  • 2.5mm faceted Rhodolite Garnet gemstones
  • 2.5mm 925 sterling silver beads
  • 2.2mm 925 sterling silver beads
  • 5mm sparkling 925 sterling silver star to cover the knot
  • Beadalon elastic cord

The delicate little stretch bracelet is made up of faceted gemstones on elastic cord so it is easy to put on and take off. It is available in a wide range of tiny 2-3.5mm natural gemstones. 

Because of the exceptional even faceting the beads are super glittery and sparkly. They can be worn alone for a delicate look, or stacked with other bracelets.